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Rhinoplasty in Depth

Rhinoplasty to Correct a Turned Up Nose

Much like a droopy or ptotic nose, an over-rotated nose  or turned up nose can greatly affect a  patient’s self image. A nose is defined as turned up or over-rotated when the angle between the tip of the nose and the upper lip is too large. On the front view, such noses generally display excessive nostril show, while on the side view the nose appears short and unattractive. Of note, shorter patients can handle excessive tip rotation better than taller patients who may complain that average height people can “look up their nostrils.”

A turned up nose may be congenital (hereditary) or occasionally the result of previous rhinoplasty performed in overly aggressive fashion. In modern facial plastic surgery, the trend is toward natural results and elegant profiles, and anything that draws excessive attention to the nose is undesirable. For men, a nasolabial angle more than 100 to 105 degrees from the upper lip may appear “turned up.” For women, anything over 120 degrees may appear excessive.

Correction of an overly turned up nose involves lengthening the nose by either manipulating the cartilage in the tip using suture techniques or adding additional cartilage the tip or to the septum, thus “pushing” the tip down.